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DANISH BRASS 1  – Danish Music for Brass ensemble from the 18th century DANISH BRASS 2 – Brass Quintets by Thorvald Hansen and Aksel Jørgensen DANISH BRASS 3 – Mogens Andresen: Suite Danica, 3 Swedish Tunes, Chaconne for alto trombone DANISH BRASS 4 – Rued Langgaard: Berengaria, Dies Irae, Ribe early in the morning DANISH BRASS 5 – Music for trumpet by: Hilda Sehested, Thorvald Hansen, Jacob Gade, Aksel Jørgensen, Niels Viggo Bentzon DANISH BRASS 6 – Trumpet Concertoes by: Morten Raehs, Thorvald Hansen, Hilda Sehested, Knud Åge Riisager, Vagn Holmboe, Leif Thybo, Erik Norby DANISH BRASS 7 – Music from the royal court of king Christian IV DANISH BRASS 8 – Vagn Holmboe: Brass Quintet, Notations for low brass, Triade for trumpet and organ  DANISH BRASS 9 – old danish military brass band music DANISH BRASS 10 – Trumpet concertos by Walther Schröder and Kim Helwig DANISH BRASS 11 – Music for trumpet and organ by: Sven Erik Werner, Bent Lorentzen, Vagn Holmboe, Thomas Daniel Schlee and Petr Eben DANISH BRASS 12 – Trumpet Concertos  by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Johann Baptist Georg Neruda and Joseph Haydn DANISH BRASS 13 – Light Classics for Trumpet and Piano DANISH BRASS 14 – Light classics for Trumpet and Organ DANISH BRASS 15 – Light classics for 2 Trumpets and Chamber Orchestra DANISH BRASS 16 – Concerts for 2 Trumpets and Orchestra by G.F. Händel, Jean Thilde and Johann Melchior Molter DANISH BRASS 17 – Concertos for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra by G. Torelli, G.B. Viviani, G.F. Händel and T. Albinoni DANISH BRASS 18 – EVERGREENS FOR TRUMPET 1 for Trumpet and Orchestra DANISH BRASS 19 – EVERGREENS FOR TRUMPET 2 for Trumpet and Orchestra DANISH BRASS 20 – CLASSICS FOR TRUMPET and WIND BAND DANISH BRASS 21 DANISH BRASS 22

Mogens Andresen